AT&T To Limit Smartphone Data Usage

InformationWeek reports that AT&T is going to be taking a big bite out of the allowed data usage from some of their most intensive data using customers. In what some would point out as rather obvious, AT&T apparently came to the recent revelation that their data network is being used entirely too much. The article also points out that while AT&T is dealing with the brunt of this problem now, other mobile carriers are not far behind. Data use on mobile networks is turning out to be a major problem for mobile carriers.

What does this mean to you?

If you are a heavy data user and are suddenly finding that you are not being hit with the kind of limitations above, I’d ask for a way out of the data portion of your mobile contract! Seriously, I would simply choose to go with a wifi connection and leave the data use to those who are willing to pay through the nose for metered service. Based on my experiences with others, I am sure you among many others, will feels the same.

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