DataJack USB 3G Modem Launches With Unlimited Plan

Up until recently, it appeared as if the pre-paid 3G mobile broadband market would belong to Virgin Mobile. Today, however, is a new day. A new product called the DataJack is set to launch at CES next month and hopes to pour on the broadband competition with its unlimited usage allowance. Mobile broadband is red hot right now, which puts the DataJack in a strong position for success with unlimited monthly usage for a mere $39 per month.

What does this mean to you?

Choices for one thing. Instead of being limited to the expense of a monthly contract through some mobile provider, you can instead obtain all you can use 3G mobile broadband with this dongle for a price that will not leave you crying in the streets. Bundle this with a flat $99 purchase price for the dongle itself, plus the $39 per month service when, and if, I want to pay it, I see DataJack as a smashing success if the coverage is half-way decent.

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  • $39 is a great price, as you said ... so long as coverage is good. It would be aweome for use when traveling.
  • It sure looks that way.
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