Lenovo Announces An Android of Their Own At CES 2010

Introducing the LePhone this year at CES, Lenovo is among the smart phone vendors out there who are building new phones for the growing Chinese market. And in keeping true with CES 2010, the LePhone is also running Android 2.1. This is where the similarities fade though, as the LePhone does not actually offer access to the Android Market or worse, even run the typical Android applications. The SoftSailor article goes on to explain that in place of this missing software compatibility, there is support for Palm Pre like widgets, instead.

What does this mean to you?

I’m going to bet this is a control thing with the Chinese government, widgets vs. installed software for the LePhone. This way the people using it feel like they are using the latest and greatest, yet the government there is able to maintain their usual control over the populous. Despite the lack of control it gives the end user, it does have Google Maps, gesture support and a forward facing camera.

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