Windows Phone 7 Details Emerge

Just before the Mobile World Congress event on February 15, possible details about Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 have leaked out, and they look intriguing. The device will have a Zune-like feel with a comparative interface that’s “soulful, alive and very clean.” There will be no flash initially because Microsoft didn’t have enough time to integrate the functionality.

Similar to the iPhone, Microsoft is killing multitasking support. Apps will pause if the user wants to launch a second app. There will be apps available through the app store, and Microsoft will control the interface and block third-party attempts at designing an alternative one. The app store will also offer the “try before you buy” option for users. Microsoft is killing Windows Mobile Device Center for syncing and will instead rely on the Zune software to do the same.

Windows Phone 7 will also block backwards compatibility, which we reported on earlier, and it will have full Xbox (gamer tag, friends, achievements, avatars and much more) and social networking integration.

The software giant is expected to have Windows Phone 7 ready in September 2010 with devices ready to go. Similar to Google and its Nexus One, while Microsoft is not producing the hardware, it is strictly trying to control the experience for a smoother experience.

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  • Verity
    With Windows Mobile 7, it is now forbidden to install an app from the memory card. You are only allowed to install Microsoft approved apps from the Microsoft Mobile Marketplace store.

    I think this will deter tens of thousands of people from using the Windows Mobile 7 platform.
  • Sty
    I am shocked to read that Microsoft will block the user's ability to side-load apps from the SIM card. That means you can only buy apps that Microsoft has pre-approved, via its Marketplace store. Who in their right mind will migrate to Windows Mobile 7 with these restrictions in place?
  • deathwish238
    lol no multitasking...this is doomed already...
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