Amazon to Work On New Kindle Browser to Rival iPad

This was going to happen sooner or later. On the Lab126 site, a division of Amazon that’s responsible for developing the Kindle, there’s a job posting indicating the need to hire a developer for “an innovative embedded Web browser.” That makes it fairly obvious what the person will be doing at the company.

One of the major flaws that the Amazon Kindle has is the lack of a good Web browser that can rival the one on the iPhone, and now the iPad. If the Kindle is going to evolve into a product that’s more than an e-reader, it’s going to need a competitive browser, and that’s what Amazon is hoping to develop with the next iteration of the device.

Not to mention, if Amazon can develop a competitive browsing experience that’s just as good as the iPad at the current price, Apple’s going to be in deep trouble for underestimating Amazon and its competitiveness.

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