Top 3 Android Browsers Reviewed

Google Android has always had an interesting stock look to it. Since the browser is such a critical aspect of the mobile experience these days, it only makes sense to have alternative browsers for all major mobile platforms. While Opera tries to get the Mini 5 approved in the App Store, thanks to Android Market’s openness, there are three viable options that are available already.

CNET has reviewed the three browsers:

  1. Dolphin Browser
  2. Xscope Web File Task Browser
  3. Opera Mini 5 Beta

What’s your favorite Android browser? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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  • Roger Sipson
    Since 2.1 update neither Browser nor Dolphin reflows text when you enlarge using pinch. You must use the +!- widgit to get text to reflow. The xScope browser does reflow when you zoom and does it very rapidly. I have not done testing but I find it to be fast, seems faster than the others to me. I like the interface so far, although I am not managing many favorites yet. This is my new default browser.
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