iPad iBooks Prices Match Amazon Kindle

Ever since the iPad debuted, Amazon and Apple have been fighting over ebook pricing. When the Amazon Kindle was the only ebook reader in the market, the online book seller went aggressive in getting publishers to comply with its terms. With Apple’s 30-70 revenue split, publishers demanded to be treated fairly with more revenue coming their way, and they won. Amazon had no choice but to back down.

Now it looks like Apple is outdoing Amazon again in matching Kindle ebook prices. Majority of the New York Times Best Seller ebooks are available for $9.99 with a few costing more. The top 10 best sellers are all priced at $9.99, which goes to show you how Apple expects to make the iBookstore so successful.

Furthermore, Apple also gives publishers the right to change prices as they see fit, a model that it pioneered with the iPhone App Store.

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  • Well, well, well. Getting more interesting. Publishers have won the day and Apple is doing the right thing I think. We just need to put into the equation, that at the end of the day - e reader consumers / final customers will drive the market. This is what Amazon is considering in my opinion.
  • Phil
    Question: Amazon sales don't have tax for most customers, as it does not have brick-and-nortar stores in the states involved. But Apple has stores in most states. Doesn't that mean that people will pay taxes on Apple purchases?
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