Orange Copies AT&T, Stifles Openness On Android Devices

This is asinine. Orange couldn’t find a better company to imitate than AT&T, seriously? As we know, AT&T has decided to lock down Android devices and limit app installation from the Android Market. Not that we support this notion, but fine. Orange is taking it one step further in stifling Android and its open nature, according to Android Community.

Apparently the carrier thinks it’s a good idea to remove Google apps, such as YouTube, Gmail, Maps, GTalk and perhaps even Search, from Android devices and replace them with its own alternatives. How does that even make sense? The single best selling point for Android is instant connectivity to all your Google data. Why would we want to purchase an Android device without Google apps as a consumer? Frustrating.

To make matters worse, this isn’t a company wide policy for all Android devices. This applies only to a few select devices, possibly low-end devices targeted at mainstream consumers. High-end Android phones like the upcoming HTC Desire are going to be completely open and free from these stringent rules. The reason why Orange is stripping out Android for low-end phones is to sell more unlimited Internet packages to consumers. Why, of course. It’s such a great thing to con the less knowledgeable into buying inferior products, while keeping high-end users satisfied with open devices.

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  • joe.attaboy

    Verizon is never going to get the iPhone. Ever. Not as long as AT&T has it. This annoyingly persistent rumor has been floating forever now.

    Go get a nice, open Nexus One. Worth every penny.
  • Interesting but the apps they're not including are not "open" in any way. 3rd parties can't even distro those apps without a license from G. Please correct me if I'm wrong. -Mike
  • I hate you AT&T, I fucking hate you!

    Cant wait for iPhone on Verizon

    -Bella :)
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