Google Seeks iPhone Developers for Android

Google Android devices could have the fastest hardware in the industry, but those devices will always be limited by the lack of good apps. The Android Market is nowhere close to reaching the quantity and quality of the Apple App Store for the iPhone, and the search giant realizes that. As such, according to NYTimes, it’s approaching iPhone developers to port their existing apps to the Android Market with help from Google’s Android Advocacy Group.

The job of the Android Advocacy Group is to convince developers to have a multi-platform strategy and develop a one-to-one connection with Google as a company. In essence, it’s building relationships with top developers. Relationships that Apple, despite its successful platform, has failed to maintain with its cold, calculated approach.

I’m the developer of the Texts From Last Night app for the iPhone. Anyway, I received an e-mail yesterday from someone at Google claiming to be in their Android Advocacy Group. He basically said that he wanted to open a line of communication with me in case I chose to port the app to Android, and he offered to ship me a free Nexus One to play around with.

It shows that Google is actively recruiting developers to their platform, using the enticements of free hardware and open communication.

Contrast with Apple’s approach: it took us about three months of resubmitting our app to Apple before they stopped rejecting it for inappropriate content.

And even now (after we peaked at the No. 7 paid app), we still have no relationship with anyone there. Huge difference in approaches between the two companies. [NYTimes]

This is naturally a good approach that will prove to be successful for Google and Android users globally.

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