RIM BlackBerry Turns Obnoxious With Tiered Data Plans

At the heels of AT&T’s tiered data plans announcement, RIM is excited. Why? Because BlackBerry devices consume less data than other smartphones, which means BlackBerry users won’t have to spend nearly as much on a monthly basis.

Jim Basillie, Co-CEO, Research In Motion in a statement:

“AT&T’s strategic pricing move is great news for BlackBerry smartphone customers,” he said. “We envision a day when all mobile phones are smartphones and we believe AT&T’s new service plans, together with RIM’s leading portfolio of BlackBerry products and services, will help attract a much broader range of consumers.”

That’s obnoxious thinking. Quit getting delighted over how efficient BlackBerry devices are with data consumption and get to innovating. In case RIM hasn’t realized this, of course its devices are efficient, there’s nothing users can do on them – no intense multimedia playback, gaming, listening to music or anything else related to entertainment besides email, texting and phone calls. The latter three really doesn’t consume a lot of data, RIM. Your confidence is misplaced.

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  • Chummm
    Blackberries do use less data because they are virtually un-usable to browse the web, it will turn around very quickly if they ever make a decent browser.
  • bbuser
    Try to get your facts straight. BlackBerry smartphones do multimedia, listening to music and gaming. You are misleading all of your readers with blatant lies.
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