iOS Security Breach Grants Access to Your iPhone

Looks like Apple is beginning to get a taste of what its like to be in Microsoft’s shoes during the early part of the last ten years. Being popular, clearly has a price and that price is called security flaws. The question Apple must answer now is how they are going to deal with their new found popularity and how will they address the upcoming security concerns surrounding the new fame?

Gizmodo reports that just about all iOS based devices are dealing with a huge security breach. Not to say there is much Apple could have done to prevent it without seeing it in action first, the breach is significant enough that it could cause widespread problems if not addressed soon. Here’s the nuts and bolts of how the exploit works. You visit a page with Safari, a PDF autoloads to your phone. The font used in said PDF, contains a hidden program that then causes a stack overflow on your iOS device. Now here is the funny part. If you jailbreak your phone, there is a program that can be installed that asks for authorization first before viewing PDF files. Apple, beat again by a quicker community response.

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