Saturday, 06 September 2008

(Column) - Look around yourself. Chances are you’ll find yourself surrounded by at least three electronic devices – cell phone, digital camera and a portable media/music player – more than likely. Good many of you may also have a notebook to add to this list.

The technological progress in each of the above has been nothing short of mind boggling. These devices have become smaller, slimmer and lighter while becoming increasingly more feature rich.

A notebook today can replace your desktop, TV, DVD drive and even your gaming console (though this may not be true for everyone). Your cell phone can replace your digital camera (for many occasions), your MP3 player and even your portable media player.

Portable media players, on the other hand, led by Apple’s iPod, continue to steadfastly stand their ground with sales rising quarterly.

Our notebooks now have dual-core technology. Some of the fastest graphics cards in the world are now being made (or adapted) for the mobile platform, and overall, the notebook performance has gone through the roof.

While all this has been happening, a very essential part of these devices has been neglected lately - the battery, a component that lets you run all these devices and do the truly exceptional things that they are capable of.

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