Thursday, 23 October 2008

Aliph Jawbone 2 Headset

(Review) - Aliph’s Jawbone 2 is an impressive piece of technology with a plethora of important features packed into a sleek looking, lightweight Bluetooth headset for mobile phones. Available in black and rose gold, the unit is diamond-shaped that makes for a smooth top surface. Due to its shape and creative design, nearly all of the buttons are hidden at first glance, but they are there. The Talk button is on the front of the headset with the Noise Assassin button on the top. Also on the top of the Talk button is a tiny LED light that glows white when the headset is powered on. It’s very nice to have a sleek layout like this, but tactile feedback on the buttons would’ve been better. It’s not always practical to feel for the Talk button when a call is coming in. Moreover, the LED light, which can be turned off completely, could’ve been somewhere else on the phone. Putting it directly on top of the Talk button makes it difficult to see when you press the Talk button.

Noise Assassin is amazing. It’s Aliph’s noise-canceling technology, and it does an excellent job at reducing extraneous noise. Once you turn it on (you can also power it off with the button on the headset), it rightfully assesses the environment and works accordingly. Furthermore, it also manages to automatically adjust the volume on its own. It’ll put volume input on high on noisy streets and scale it back in quiet indoors. That’s why the Jawbone 2 doesn’t have a physical volume rocker. If you don’t like the way Noise Assassin works, you can cycle through a number of volume options with the Noise Assassin button on the headset to manually adjust the volume output. We absolutely love it.

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The back sports a comfortable earpiece with extra covers included in the package. There’s the Voice Activity Sensor on the back to amplify the appropriate amount of volume by detecting voice vibrations from your cheek. Not to mention, there’s a tiny hole for the ear hook. We didn’t think it was necessary, but it’s there incase you want it. Plus, some of the ear loops are made from original leather. That’s a nice little bonus if you are looking to spice up your cool factor.

In addition to all these goodies, the headset has dual microphones. Combine that with Noise Assassin and Voice Activity Sensor and you are in for a mindblowing experience. The noise sounded so good, compared to our BlackBerry 8800’s default earpiece. Background noise was almost nonexistent, and voice input was at its highest, as per our callers’ notes. A good majority of them couldn’t tell we were using a cell phone, and some of them couldn’t tell we were outside, talking to them via a wireless Bluetooth headset. And our test subjects are very particular when it comes to phone calls.

All in all, Aliph’s Jawbone 2, priced at $129.99, is not inexpensive, but it’s the best in its category, and if you can afford it, there’s no better alternative in the market for your hard-earned dollars. The Jawbone 2 is rated for 4x hours of talk time and 8x days of standby. Additional features include call waiting, low-battery status indicator and voice command support. Kudos to Aliph for a job well done!

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