Saturday, 30 August 2008

Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones

(Review) - When it comes to audio output devices, Bose is considered to be one of the best companies around. But unfortunately, its newly released TriPort In-Ear headphones may not be as excitingly good as its other products. It’s not necessarily the audio aspect of the TriPort In-Ear that’s going to cause a serious issue, though there’s a minor setback that we’ll get to later on, but it’s the physical attributes that sneak up.

Physically, the Bose TriPort In-Ear headphones are fairly normal looking. In fact, once you remove the eartips, they may not even look anything better than a standard pair of earphones that you get with music players, but as they say, looks aren’t everything. Unfortunately for the eartips, they tend to fall off too easily. We even had an instance where as soon as we pulled out the earphones from the ear canal, one of the eartips fell right to the floor. We would like to hear Bose’s reasoning behind making them so delicate, as it wasn’t such a wise decision. Moreover, the eartips do tend to get dirty fairly easily. Put them on a not-so-clean table and you’ll quickly get a reminder to do regular cleaning. Obviously it’s annoying and quite frankly, pretty disgusting if you have to insert them right back into your ears.

The headphones are equipped with three eartip sizes (S, M, L) similar to other earphones. They also come with a portable case, which we highly recommend you use to prevent the eartips from getting dirty and make sure that the cable doesn’t get tangled, a highly useful tool.

The TriPort In-Ear headphones are average at best at blocking outside noise. Since the eartips don’t fit snuggly inside your ear canals, the best they will do is prevent external hissing or air noise. Cars, crying babies and airplane engines are going to sound clearly unless you turn the volume level all the way high on your music player.

The audio quality, however, was great. But of course, Bose is exceptional at that. For $100, we would consider the TriPort In-Ear headphones to be pricey, and we believe there are better models in the market from Bose and other companies that are much better designed than Bose’s latest creation. They are too average for our taste. Maybe next time, Bose!

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