Thursday, 26 October 2006

(Review) - The number of iPod docks that are available for the world’s most popular music player is amazing. Just recently, we evaluated Kensington’s Entertainment Dock 500 for iPod, and we liked it quite a bit. Similarly, DLO, a relatively new name in the world of consumer electronics, has an entire line of iPod exclusive accessories that will make you give DLO a second consideration. Since DLO is dedicated to producing iPod exclusive gadgets, we expect to see quality products from a company that could very easily damage its reputation with carelessness. When companies are dedicated to a single product, it’s critical they release their best products in the market. Besides, as we all know, there are plenty of companies who are ready to replace DLO given the chance. For DLO’s sake, we hope its HomeDock for iPod holds up well in our evaluation.

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