Saturday, 06 September 2008

Kensington FX 500 Speaker To Go

(Review) - Here’s another iPod speaker for those of you who haven’t had enough. The Kensington FX 500 Speaker To Go is an interesting product, that’s for sure, regardless of the same old, same old concept. The FX 500 is more or less a carrying case that’s embedded with dual speakers for your iPod (or other MP3 players).

The FX 500 is relatively durable with a zipper on the outer spine of the product and a plastic covered window in the center to make it easy to navigate the device and protect it simultaneously. The inside of the speaker includes the battery compartment, along with the back stand to support the device upright. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Nice and simple.

However, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the FX 500 is its functionality. Not only is it durable with a solid build, but it is impact and splash resistant as well. Not to mention, you can play catch with it, have someone drop it on a concrete floor and still have it work. We know this from experience. The drop tested the impact resistant and shock absorbing claims, but we were still left with the splash resistant claim. To test that, we dipped with FX 500 in a sink full of water, and have it work fine when we took it out. By the way, we performed these rather abnormal tests without our music player in the unit. We suspect that the music player would’ve ended up malfunctioning had we performed these tests with the player in it.

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Once you connect the music player and press the power button on the front, you are ready to go. Surprisingly, the audio quality was pretty good, much better than we had anticipated. It was clear, loud and well rounded. With that said, though, pushing the volume to its max setting did saturate the audio quality a little bit. The bass was sufficient, and the low, mid and high sounds were very good, which is admirable for a product this size.

Thus far, we haven’t found anything particularly serious about the FX 500. However, we would’ve preferred a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The 3x AAA batteries that power the device will run out way too quickly (after 10 hours of use). Although you could always get rechargeable batteries with a recharger, it’s still a hassle. Also, the FX 500 isn’t as portable as we would’ve liked for it to be, which we suppose is understandable.

For the price of $39.99, if you are looking for an outdoors-ready iPod speaker, the Kensington FX 500 Speaker To Go will be well worth it.

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