Thursday, 28 August 2008

Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Mouse

(Review) - Out of the 19 products that Kensington just announced, another one of them is the SlimBlade Presenter Mouse. Again, it's a simple enough mouse with much of the ergonomics inspired from the mouse we saw in the SlimBlade Media Notebook Set. However, there are naturally some differences between the two. The mouse continues to sport circular, round edge with a sleek, shiny exterior that makes it compatible for left and right-handed users. That's the beauty of it all. Since it's a mobile mouse, again, size matters, but we have stopped hammering companies for portable mice. We figure if you can't use a notebook mouse for its size, a ton of other features won't sway you one way or the other. Besides, by now, you should know whether or not a notebook mouse is for you to begin with.

The SlimBlade Presenter mouse comes with a micro receiver for 2.4GHz wireless connectivity that store in the battery compartment for easy storage. That's something we really liked with this particular mouse. Once you pop open the battery compartment, the receiver is right there in a cozy spot. You will also find a switch that you can flip on to turn the mouse into a presenter. Then there's the accompanying backlight technology that indicates when the mouse is ready as a presenter. That was cool, and we never expected something like this. We are glad to have this option, though.

On the top edge, you will find a 4-way tilt wheel that does what it's supposed to. Finally, there's also the battery indicator that turns red from green to alert you about the battery life. Both of these options are fairly standard and nothing particularly exciting. And let's not forget the auto sleep mode of SlimBlade. Once your notebook goes into the sleep mode, the mouse automatically does, too. No more manual switching on/off to preserve battery life. Thanks, Kensington!

The signal strength was great, as it's expected from this particular technology, and the performance was relatively smooth. Precision was well done, and the mouse worked flawlessly. However, in order to enable certain options, you will need to install the included drivers. Otherwise, the SlimBlade Presenter is ready to go as soon as you plug-in the USB receiver.

For the price of $42.99, this is an excellent unit with a dual purpose in a professional package to make you, the mobile professional, go wow!

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