Tuesday, 06 January 2009

(Review) - Now that you have an iPod, there maybe times when you want to share your music with others, or leisurely listen to it while doing regular chores around the house. What should you do if you are in that situation? While you could purchase an expensive pair of iPod speakers and solve the problem, there may be a better, and affordable, solution out there. Since majority of us already have stereos, we could finally put them to good use in today’s digital age. Enters Kensington’s Stereo Dock for iPod; the concept behind this device is quite simple. Place the iPod in the dock, connect the dock to the stereo via Y-cable and voila, you are all set. Now you can easily browse through your music collection with an Infrared wireless remote that can last up to 1-year without needing a battery change.

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