Friday, 24 October 2008

Logitech Premium Notebook Headset

(Review) - Logitech’s Premium Notebook headset is an interesting product with a blend of design, functionality and quality rolled into a single device. Although it’s foldable and storable in a hard plastic travel case, it’s certainly durable for everyday use. The travel case was something that we didn’t expect from Logitech at all, but again, they continue to impress us with their out-of-the-box thinking. How do they do it?

In addition to listening to music with the headset, you can connect it to your PC to make phone calls or join voice chats with the integrated microphone. Considering the device’s mobility factor, the microphone is going to be a valuable asset to professionals on the go. The Logitech Premium Notebook headset features a behind-the-ear design, which takes some getting used to, but it isn’t too much of a concern. With that said, we do wish the cable was a little longer than 1.8m, even though we can understand why Logitech would want to cut it short. It’s really not for desktop usage from what we can tell.

The foam padded earbuds are very comfortable. Unlike traditional headphones, where the earbud cups your ears, Logitech’s Premium Notebook Headset slightly touches your ear to deliver the audio, making it comparatively more comfortable. In essence, the design and the build quality was both solid despite the headset’s portability factor.

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In terms of audio quality, our voice conversations (via Skype) were crystal clear and wholesome. The same holds true for music as well. However, professional grade headphones and earphones are certainly better sounding. That’s to be expected, though. You can’t expect a $49.99 headset to sound as good as $200+ headphones.

You can connect the headset to your PC directly via USB. Since there are no drivers and the headset works as specified, it was uncomplicated and a breeze to work with. It’s a matter of plug-n’-play, which is always a welcome surprise in today’s complicated world of personal technology. While we are at it, we must also mention that you can control the volume directly from the attached controller on the headset. What more could a mobile warrior ask for?

All in all, for the price of $49.99, Logitech’s Premium Notebook Headset is must have device for someone who is looking for a portable, sleek and great sounding headset.

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