Sunday, 20 July 2008
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(Review) - When Logitech first launched the MX and VX desktop and notebook mice duo earlier this year, it took the entire industry by surprise. As Logitech keeps innovating, our expectations as users have considerably gone up. What were once used to be mere commodities in the grand scheme of components, they are now considered to be valuable accessories that enhance our computing experience as a whole.

The exterior of the VX Revolution, the notebook version of the duo, is unlike any other. Then again, we can say that about nearly all Logitech mice. The device presents a professional mesh of gray and black physique with the standard scroll wheel, left/right buttons and the search button at the top; the battery LED indicator, zoom slider and a pair of additional buttons on the left. That’s not all, though. The rubber grips and the ergonomic design are a pleasure to use. In fact, what we really like about the VX is its size. Even though notebook mice are supposed to be small to better fit notebook cases, they are really limited in use if your hands are large enough to not hold those tiny mice for too long. Thankfully, Logitech took care of this issue with the VX Revolution. It may still not be at its ideal size, but we realize we may be asking for too much.

The Logitech VX Revolution is your pretty standard notebook mouse with laser technology for better precision, 2.4GHz wireless technology that Logitech has employed in a lot of its wireless mice and a few other mundane options. With that said, however, there are plenty of changes that will make you go wow.

The first of those options is the one click search button. It’s a part of the new feature set from Logitech that makes web browsing a bit more convenient. Instead of tip-toeing directly to Google and searching for the word or phrase, you can now select the text and hit the instant search button to jump directly to the search engine of your choice. The search engine should yield information related to the selected text instantly. Similarly, the zoom feature lets you zoom in/out on photos, spreadsheets and documents for hard-to-read text. Needless to say, both features work stupendously well.

While the aforementioned features were superb, one thing that really changed the way we perceive scroll wheels in mice is the hyper-fast scrolling preference. Instead of gradually making your way through a spreadsheet or a long document, you can now scroll hyper-fast with one slide on the wheel. Of course, the one-click scroll wheel functionality is also available. While we really enjoyed working with the hyper-fast feature, it could be cumbersome if you are trying to search through or skim long lists and documents. But hey, if you know where the particular block of data is, then you will be pleased with this particular characteristic of the VX Revolution.

According to Logitech, the battery life should last approximately 120 days on a single AA battery. Even though we couldn’t test the company’s claim, 120 days sounds fair for an AA Duracell. The signal strength of the device was exceptional, and so was the laser precision tracking. Laser technology has come a long way since its original foundation, and it continues to please us with smooth gliding without ever missing a beat.

The price tag on the VX Revolution is somewhat on the expensive side, but $79.99 is what you will pay for the most cutting edge mouse in the world. At the end of the day, Logitech has released a mind-blowing device that is sure to please the mobile user on the go.

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