Friday, 21 March 2008

Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000

(Review) - Microsoft's latest mobile mouse is an interesting device, to say the least. While it continues to sport an awkwardly tiny size with uncomfortable ergonomics, it's the features that count. At least in this case. And yes, we are making an exception in this review. Who would've thought Microsoft would be an exception in a positive way? Hmm... they must be onto something with its mobile memory mouse 8000 for mobile users on the go.

Again, the ergonomics are uncomfortable, and like other mobile mice, we wouldn't recommend replacing your desktop mouse. Funnily enough, it's not even your typical mobile mouse. Far from it. The entire shape and structure of the 8000 is just silly. We couldn't even figure out how to properly hold the mouse for the best possible comfort. Of course, it gets worse with large hands. The larger your hands, the more problems you will experience when using the 8000. The metallic finishing is an amazing touch, however. Microsoft gets a point for a polished look, if nothing else.

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Microsoft's typical set of features with 4-way scrolling, magnifying, battery life indicator, on/off button on the underside, laser engine and 5x programmable buttons are available as well. While the mouse primarily operates on a 2.4GHz wireless frequency, Bluetooth is also available. Interestingly enough, the 8000 runs on 1x AA battery that's replaceable, or it can be recharged with an included charging cable. Switching between the two (2.4GHz vs. Bluetooth) was very easy, and our computers picked up on the signal. Signal strength was great, regardless of which standard we picked. We could operate the mouse from up to 30ft. without losing contact with the PC.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is the 1GB flash storage capacity aboard the transceiver. The transceiver acts as a wireless connector to the mouse as well as a portable storage unit to quickly move files from one PC to another. Now that's a remarkable option. Even though Microsoft isn't the first company to offer it, we really enjoyed working with the package, despite the lack of comfortable ergonomics.

Again, the laser engine resulted in smooth gliding and great performance, but it's not a gaming mouse by any stretch of the imagination. For $87.75, it's on the expensive side. If this is something you are interested in, we would wait for the price to drop to purchase it on a bargain. It's a great mouse with same old, same old ergonomics problems. We can see ourselves getting used to the 8000, and it's excellent performance for a mobile mouse, however.

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