Monday, 10 August 2009

Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition

(Review) - Logitech continues to expand its portfolio of desktop keyboard and mice for the Mac, and the same holds true with the diNovo Edge. After announcing the Windows version, Logitech now offers a Mac version with its very own OS X specific keys, including the Control, Option and Command keys. The keys are well spaced, and typing is satisfying. The keyboard offers a mixture of notebook and desktop style keys, which makes for an interesting mix and a satisfying experience, as stated above.

Like a lot of Logitech products, the diNovo Edge is equipped with a trackpad, appropriately named the TouchDisc, which lets you scroll and navigate from your keyboard. This is a very cool addition to the otherwise traditional keyboards. Add in the wireless connectivity option, and you can now use the keyboard to navigate through your media on the fly. So far so good.

In addition to the added functionality with TouchDisc, there are Hotkeys that directly launch Mail, Safari, iTunes and other applications. Not to mention, with the included software utility, you can customize a variety of functions right from your desktop, including the sensitivity options for the TouchDisc.

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The volume slider is also present, and it, too, functions when you slide your finger on a non-tactile surface. Unfortunately, however, we had a difficult time getting the volume slider to work properly. The slider took a few strokes to get the volume to hit max or min. A single stroke would’ve sufficed.

In addition to the usefulness of additional features, the keyboard is wireless, and the beauty of it all is that there’s no USB wireless dongle to deal with anymore, thanks to Apple’s integrated Bluetooth receiver. Add that to the charging base, and diNovo Edge for the Mac appears to be a winner.

There are a couple of things we need look at, though, before making the final call. The charging base is good, but it’ll take additional desk space. Couldn’t Logitech somehow make the process simple and less space consuming? Perhaps. Then it’s the looks factor. The Logitech diNovo Edge is a winner on all style angles for sure, but it doesn’t match well with Apple’s color scheme. Perhaps a white keyboard would’ve done the trick? As it stands now, while the keyboard has a great awe factor for Windows users, it doesn’t do justice to Apple products.

From a performance standpoint, Logitech is again a winner, unsurprisingly.

For $159.99, the diNovo Edge is expensive. A little too much. While it’s a great product for the most part, we’d recommend waiting for the price to drop before opting to purchase one. They drop in price fairly quickly. And a heartfelt congratulation goes out to Logitech for another job well done!

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