Saturday, 06 September 2008

(Special Report) - At the show floor at CES 2007, Blu-Ray released a research conducted by an independent research firm and released it to its partners across the floor. In fact, we even received the research in our hotel rooms. Talk about persistence. The research essentially declared Blu-Ray the winner of the two standards (surprise, surprise!) with as much as 88 percent market share in 2007 and as high as 98 percent by 2009. Obviously the information Blu-Ray wants us to perceive is completely unsubstantiated and laughable at best.

First of all, the study only represents the high-end, core, early technology adopters. It doesn’t count the mainstream adoption rate as part of the study. That alone makes it baseless. And secondly, nearly everyone we talked to said the future of HD standards is unclear. That’s true. The standards have just started to take off. How could you predict a winner right now when the entire industry is unsure? You can’t. Regardless, the research was pretty interesting to look at, but it ultimately turned out be an unfortunate attempt at humor.

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