Saturday, 06 September 2008

Fujitsu Notebook with External Display at CES 2007

(Special Report) - A lot of notebook manufacturers this year had integrated external displays on their upcoming notebook models. The external displays take advantage of the Windows Vista Side Show feature, which will let the PC take advantage of a secondary display and route a select few components accordingly. For example, the external display on the outer cover of the notebook can display RSS feeds with latest news from across the web, photos, music and videos. This is just the beginning, however, said a lot of notebook manufacturers. Side Show is substantially more powerful than what companies were able to showcase. As Vista launches and developers get to experience it first hand, the opportunities with Side Show and the secondary display are limitless. Interestingly enough, companies said they weren’t tagging on a ridiculous price tag for the Side Show display, which is always a bonus to hear.

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