Wednesday, 20 August 2008

SanDisk Sansa Connect

(Special Report) - SanDisk is looking to go after Zune pretty seriously, thanks to Microsoft. Microsoft was the first company to come up with a WiFi enabled music player, but unfortunately, it couldn’t get it work too well. So SanDisk (and others) are looking to release a better version of the Zune. In our meeting with SanDisk, the company said, "Sansa Connect is what Zune is not." SanDisk was of course referring to the WiFi capability of the Sansa Connect. Other companies are working on releasing WiFi enabled music players as well. Therefore, it’s critical for Microsoft to push its WiFi efforts with the Zune. Microsoft said it was working on some exciting things with the WiFi capability in mind, and all we can say is, they better do it soon.

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