About CoolTechZone.com

Founded in July 2003, CoolTechZone.com promises to be the most authoritative source for your personal technology news. It was founded on the beliefs that news needs to be precision accurate and speedy, so our readers can stay informed on the very latest of the consumer electronics industry. Throughout the years, CoolTechZone.com has gone through various iterations. What started out as a hardware news source turned into a consumer electronics brand after a few years. Then we realized that readers would much rather have us digest the news and curate it for them with our expert opinion and lighthearted commentary thrown in, instead of the long-form pieces that we used to do.

What you see now is the next-generation of CoolTechZone.com that vows to stay fresh, relevant and current with interesting tidbits from the companies and products that matter to you.

About iTech Media

iTech Media is an early stage online technology media company with a media division and an ad network in partnership with CNET-CBS Interactive, PriceGrabber and Become.com. It was originally founded in July 2005 solely as a new media company and later added the ad network unit to monetize on third-party brands through deep, well-crafted partnerships with industry heavyweights.

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