Date: 09-06-03
Author: Gundeep
Category: Articles/Hardware
Product: Intel Desktop Control Center
Manufacturer: Intel

As many Intel fans know that Intel is set to release their Desktop Control Center Software, which will measure system settings such as FSB (Front Side Bus), voltage settings, temperatures as well as other crucial settings. As of right now Intel is using IAM (Intel Active Monitor) Technology on their motherboards, which essentially does the same things as Intel’s future release of its Desktop Control Center. The only difference between IAM and Desktop Control Center is the fact that Desktop Control Center does not function inside the BIOS (Binary Input Output System). Some users are hesitant to go into the BIOS and that is the reason Intel claims that it’s Desktop Control Center Software will make it easier for users to monitor their system’s critical settings in a GUI (Graphical User Interface) mode. Intel also claims that it is preventing users from hassles that they have to go through just to check some minor settings.

Intel’s new software not only lets users monitor their system’s settings but also give their systems’ a little boost while gaming. Intel informs that the software can utilize two modes, which are “Quite Operation” and “Gaming Mode.” This does not mean that Intel is in favor of overclocking.

Intel’s future software is also packed with stress testing features. According to Intel it will allow users to test their system’s stability.

Above is all the basic information that we feel our readers need to know about Intel’s future software that is replacing its IAM Technology.

After talking to Intel’s Spokesperson George Alfs we were able to gather quite a lot of information regarding this software.

According to Intel, this software will allow users to make setting changes in windows environment instead of the console mode in the BIOS. Intel is due to release their Desktop Control Center Software with D875PBZ and D865PERL motherboard models. These motherboards are based on Intel’s new chipsets with 800Mhz FSB. Intel also said that it is having a hard time providing us with the exact development time because of the fact that it’s IAM Technology already contains those features. Intel is planning to release their Desktop Control Center Software in 4th quarter of this year (2003).

Apparently Intel’s Desktop Control Center Software will not be for sale. It will be provided to system integrators and users who have purchased Intel’s motherboards. As stated earlier, the software will first be included with Intel’s D875PBZ and D865PERL motherboard models.

Intel also said that their future software would only be for Intel motherboards since third party motherboard manufacturers have their own monitoring utilities.

Intel said that this software is merely a monitoring utility that is not intended for overclocking purposes. As a matter of fact, Intel said that it does not advocate overclocking in any shape, way or form.

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