Date: 07-27-03
Author: Gundeep 
Category: Articles/Other

Linux! This is the word that haunts new users. Users think that this is some kind of a demon that can’t be controlled. Everyone knows that Linux is an alternative operating system to Windows. Linux and all it’s software is open source, meaning that teams of programmers work on software and Linux for free. Everything in Linux is free unless you are going to use it for a company. Many people think that Linux is only for nerds and it is impossible to learn as a new user. Today we’ll be looking at all aspects of Linux. We’ll tell you which Linux distribution to choose? Is it that hard as many professionals claim? We will try to explain everything about Linux and why users are scared and maybe by the end of this article we can encourage you to try out a distribution of Linux.

Let’s get into the history of Linux before anything else. We understand that this might not be the most interesting topic for some of you out there but we think telling our users about history of Linux give them better understanding of Linux in the future. Linus Torvalds, a college going student, first developed Linux. He was very frustrated at the fact that he couldn’t get the operating system to do whatever he wants to do with it. His frustration led him to a long programming task. He created his own operating system and named it “Linux” after his first name. From the old days to now he is an inspiration to all the programmers around the world. He is considered to be a Linux Guru among Linux fans.

Linux is based on a clone to UNIX hence making it more stable and efficient. There are 2 ways in which you can use Linux. You can run Linux either in a text mode, which is very hard, if you are a new Linux user like myself, or GUI (Graphical User Interface). If you install Linux in GUI mode it will make a new user’s life a lot easier since you can see a real live desktop just like windows.

You might or might not want to use Linux. Usually users like to use Linux as a way to learn and explore different operating system. You really have to be curious to learn Linux. Usually users think that Linux is very hard to use and should only be kept to programmers or nerds. This is not the case anymore; companies like RedHat and Mandrake are designing Linux distributions for normal consumers who just want free and different alternative to Microsoft windows. Like mentioned above, if you like to program and have programming skills, Linux could be a whole new world to you since you can make it do whatever you want.

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