Friday, 05 September 2008
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    SanDisk Sansa e130 (512MB)~$46.07
    SanDisk Sansa m260 (4GB, slate blue)~$155.99
    SanDisk Sansa e250 (2GB)~$121.99
    SanDisk Sansa e260 (4GB)~$155.99
    SanDisk Sansa e270 (6GB)~$189.99

This is a superb way of getting free designs for absolutely no charge. SolidAlliance is asking people to send their designs for a blank flash drive on a CD which the company could later use as an official design for the drive.

I might have been really impressed if it was Sony or HP running a similar contest where there would be a great prize for the winner, plus something to add to the resume. But unfortunately, for a flash drive, it just seems like a cheap way for SolidAlliance to get a lot of designs and pick one to run with. Seriously, I don’t think it takes a whole lot of creative talent to design a mere flash drive. Then again, if you can save resources by not hiring a creative designer, why wouldn’t you?

There’s no word on availability or pricing on the upcoming drive.


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