Saturday, 06 September 2008

After seeing this wonder, the Buffalo iPod mouse suddenly doesn’t look too bad. Just look at this thing. Sure, you have the multimedia controls in the middle of the friggin’ thing, but two questions: 1. how do I use the mouse and control, say, Windows Media player at the same time? and 2. Wouldn’t having those buttons at the top hinder me from gripping the mouse with a tight, comfortable grip? As far as I can understand, you will really annoy yourself when you accidentally press one of those inappropriately situated buttons.

Anyways, it’s available in blue and red (like that’s going to change my mind), offers 800dpi resolution, 4-way scroll wheel, Internet forward/back buttons, and play/pause/skip forward/backward buttons.

So, La Feel, forgive me, but I’m not too interested in feeling your multimedia mouse.

There’s no word on pricing or availability.


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