Wednesday, 24 January 2007
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    Apple iPod Nano (2GB, black)~$199.00
    Apple iPod (60GB, video, white)~$399.00
    Apple iPod (60GB, video, black)~$399.00
    Ion IDJ iPOD DJ Mixer~$169.99
    G-Tech Techno iPod Backpack - Red~$119.99

To be honest, PMPs are getting pretty stale these days. There’s nothing exciting about a device that can play music and video from a single device, right? If you feel the same way, check out this watch that can play MP4 videos on a screen that’s tinier than your cell phone display.

While not too many details are available currently, the Anlong MP4 watch is water and shockproof, can play video for 9 hours (pretty impressive, I must say), and you will load content via USB 2.0.

I may be making off the wall accusations here, but could someone please tell me why I would want to watch video on a watch? Seriously, you would have to be a quite a nerd to watch video while holding your wrist up in midair. Not to mention, you must be willing to blind yourself by squinting on such a small display. It’s essentially a disastrous device from every angle.

If you want to watch video, chances are standard PMP devices will be far cheaper than this device. Besides, you could always opt for a Verizon cell phone and get video from their video service; at least you won’t look like such a nerd this way.

No information on availability or pricing yet.


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