Saturday, 06 September 2008
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    Apple iPod Photo (60GB)~$279.00
    Apple iPod Nano (2GB, black)~$199.00
    Apple iPod Nano (4GB, black)~$249.00
    Apple iPod (60GB, video, white)~$399.00
    Apple iPod (60GB, video, black)~$399.00

As we wrap-up 2006, rumors regarding Apple for 2007 are making their rounds. Recent reports suggest that Apple might release a widescreen iPod to replace the 5th-generation version, though that depends on how customers (dis)like iTV. If the response is negative, Apple may decide to kill the widescreen iPod altogether for 2007. In addition, Apple will add more content to the iTunes Movie Store and may also release a 16GB flash video iPod.

Other than that, the company will mainly focus on iTV, an updated Mac Pro, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and iPhone in 2007. Shuffle and Nano may remain unchanged until the end of 2007 when Apple might decide to release an updated version of one or both for the shopping season.


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