Friday, 21 November 2008

Why is everyone after Apple these days? Just because Apple is good at what it does, doesn’t mean everyone else have to be a hater. It would be in your interest to accept your fate and go do something else like…maybe work on new products or something without thinking about Apple for a change.

The latest news in the pipeline is that Samsung is looking to release a slew of new products and a music service of its very own in the near future with courtesy from MusicNet, a privately held firm. The terms were not disclosed, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Apparently the music service is only available to people in Britain, Germany and France, followed by the rest of the Europe and Asia. Does that mean Samsung is not making its way to North America? Smart move…

The online stores and service is expected to launch later this year with 2 million songs in its library.


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