Friday, 21 November 2008

Sony has revealed a new portable Micro PC for mobile users who seek productivity and entertainment from the same device while on the go.

Sony’s VAIO UX180P is lightweight with a 4.5” wide SVGA screen, Intel Core Solo low voltage CPU, Windows XP Professional OS, integrated wireless LAN, wireless WAN, Bluetooth technology and a host of other features.

According to Sony, the Sony VAIO UX180P lets you “experience personal computing and multimedia entertainment wherever you travel. The VAIO UX Micro PC is your pocket-sized digital system for enjoying music, video, and images.”

I’m delighted to know it’s a mobile unit, but calling it pocket-sized may be farfetched. Pocket PCs and Blackberry are what I call pocket-sized and even those push limits to an extent. Apple’s video iPod is what I call pocket-sized in a true manner. Therefore, calling a mobile device equipped with PC components pocket-sized doesn’t exactly match my definition. Unless Sony was loosely using the term, it might be better if they work on their description.

Sony’s new mobile device is available immediately for $1,799.99.

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