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Chenming 602 Case
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Date: 05-24-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Cases
Manufacturer: Chenming USA

A PC case is not something that everyone upgrades every six months. Many users want to invest in a good case and not worry about upgrading it every six months or so. A "good" case must have active cooling methods, style, enough space for components, and refined finish. The case market is full of various colors, styles, and looks to suit almost everyone.

Chenming has been very popular with modders and among those who are looking for a simple, pre-modded case with a side panel. The company's Dragon line is a success in itself and it was not a surprise when Chenming announced their 602 model, which is a step above the Dragon series. The 602 Chenming case is an entry-level ATX server case with more than enough space for components, few wires, and good cooling. What do we think about this newly released case from Chenming? Read on and find out...


The Chenming case comes with standard accessories. The accessories include - an installation guide, screws for the hard drive, motherboard, 5.25" drive bays, and side panel. The guide is straight-forward with diagrams along with little descriptions.


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