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Thermaltake PurePower 480W Butterfly PSU
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Date: 05-30-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Cases
Manufacturer: Thermaltake

Thermaltake is one of the leaders in the computer case, power supply, and cooling markets. They have been producing high quality products for a long time.

Today we have Thermaltake's popular Butterfly power supply unit. This unit features 480W of power and is solely designed for enthusiasts. It also has lots of features, incredible stability, and a good price point for users who are looking for a new power supply for their personal computers. How well does this unit performs? Read on and find out...


Thermaltake is known to include many accessories with their products, which is always a nice feature to look forward to. This time the package contains - Screws, Fan Controller, Thermaltake Blow Fan, Power Cord, and an Installation Guide.

The installation guide is, as always, easy to follow with simple to read instructions. The screws and the necessary power cord is standard these days. The user will encounter these accessories in almost every power supply package.

Something interesting that comes with the power supply is the Thermaltake Blow fan and controller to control the fan. Thermaltake's Blow fan is a silent case fan with specialized design. This design is introduced by Thermaltake to opitimize the performance of the fan. The fan controller is similar to the ones we have seen with the company's heatsinks and coolers. It is made out of high quality material and is highly finished by Thermaltake.


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