Date: 12-14-03
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Reviews/Cases
Product: CoolerMaster Praetorian Case
Manufacturer: CoolerMaster
Price: ~$139.99

CoolerMaster Praetorian

CoolerMaster has set new standards in the case market because of their innovative designs. Cases like Wave Master from CoolerMaster have won many industry wide awards, proving their quality. CoolerMaster seems to be quite popular with their heatsinks as well as other utilities that aid in overclocking. CoolerMaster recently announced Praetorian as a new edition to their fine line of cases. Will this case receive a recommendation? Read on and find out…



Packaging of the Praetorian case was pretty similar to others that we have seen from CoolerMaster. Once in a while, they introduce new packaging that might catch someone’s attention but it wasn’t the case with this product. CoolerMaster used their official and standard colors for this package. Praetorian logo was on the top left corner while CoolerMaster’s official logo utilized the bottom right corner space. In the center, CoolerMaster included the phrase: Guardian of Your PC. As the main background, mid-portion of the Praetorian was included. Front and back were exactly similar to each other. This time the features and specifications were included on the sides.




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