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Thermaltake V6000A Damier Case
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Date: 04-18-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Cases
Manufacturer: Thermaltake

Thermaltake V6000A Damier Case

Thermaltake has been producing cases for a long time. They have undoubtly produced some of the best looking and best "performing" cases in the market. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a computer case. First and foremost are the looks. Many of us don't consider a case solely based on looks. Then comes the weight and the general size. And finally, we have the price conflict and the features.

We will be taking a look at Thermaltake's newly released V6000A Damier case. Thermaltake released their new line of products after CES 2004, which included the Damier as well as other cases from Thermaltake. The Damier case has all the bells and whistles of it's predecessors. How is this case different? Read on and find out...


The Damier is packed with a user's manual, screensavers CD, Thermaltake Mousepad, and a sheet of Thermaltake stickers. The manual is easy to understand and as always, it has diagrams with descriptions, which gives users a thorough understanding of the product.

Thermaltake went above and beyond by including a screensavers CD, Mousepad, and a sheet of stickers. Thermaltake has created various screensavers for their newer case line. You can either install the screensavers from the CD or you can download them Thermaltake's website. The screensavers are impressive but not the best we have seen. The Thermaltake Mousepad is also a nice edition to the overall package. The mouse promotes Thermaltake's Xaser line of products with a smooth surface. And finally, the sheet of stickers. Usually we have seen manufacturers include one sticker or a case badge with the product but not this time. Thermaltake provides the users with a whole sheet of it's product line case stickers. The package comes with accessories that we never anticipated, which is always a nice edition.

Also in the package are the necessary screws, double-sided tape, and an I/O plate. The quality of the I/O plate has been really improved. It's a much solid product and doesn't bend as easily as most of the ones we have seen.


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