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Sunbeam Meteor Light
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Date: 04-02-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Cases
Manufacturer: Sunbeam


Modders are always looking for PC lights to enhance the beauty of their computer cases. There are variety of lighting products available in the market for PC use. They range from $2.99 lighted fan grills to the most expensive lights that can cost up to $29.99. Sunbeam is the first manufacturer that comes to mind when discussing PC lighting products. Sunbeam's goal is to cater the modders and those who are looking to add a little spice to their computer case. Today we have the Sunbeam Meteor light. Just like the Bubble light, this light promises good quality as well. Read on and find out the final conclusion.



The light comes with 3 x double-sided tape, 1 x function switch, and 1 x central power connector. The blue, rectangular box shown in the image is the central power connector. The light gets connected to one of the sides of the box and the function switch gets connected to the other side. This makes a secure connection between the light and the switch and it also stabilizes the voltage. The light uses a 4-pin connector to connect to the central power connector.

The main switch is made out of metal and uses two 2-pin connectors to connect to the central power source. There are also two 4-pin molex connectors that one must connect to the power supply. The light can be turned on/off via the red switch on the metal plate.



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