Date: 09-13-03
Author: Gundeep
Category: Reviews/Cases
Product: CoolerMaster Musketeer
Manufacturer: CoolerMaster
Price: ~$34.99

CoolerMaster Musketeer

All we will say about CoolerMaster is that they set the standards for quality products and others follow them. We won’t be going into CoolerMaster’s history as it can be found on their website as well as in our Aero 7 Lite HSF review which was also manufactured by CoolerMaster. You can read CoolerMaster’s introduction and our review of Aero 7 Lite HSF HERE. CoolerMaster gave us the opportunity to review their System Dynamics Detector, which is also known as the Musketeer. Apparently, CoolerMaster chose the name after a chocolate bar and a movie but who cares about the name when you have the product to review. Let’s begin, shall we.

Front side of the package

In the above posted pictures you can clearly see the package that we received our Musketeer in. The package does not look exciting at all. It’s is dark purple in color with the picture of Musketeer in the front and the ever famous CoolerMaster logo on all sides with information printed on the back which summarizes the whole idea behind Musketeer and it’s functionality. CoolerMaster did a great job with illustrations found on the back of the box. The box itself is rectangular in shape and everything was packaged very nicely once we opened the box. CoolerMaster has already started to score some points with CoolTechZone.


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