Date: 07-23-03
Author: Ravdeep
Category: Review/Cases
Manufacturer: Raidmax
Price: ~$129.99

Raidmax Scorpio-668 Case

Everyone nowadays wants an eye-catching case. We expect a lot from computer cases these days. It used to be that people would go to the store, buy a computer and be happy with it but it doesn’t cut it anymore. Everyone wants to build their own computers so they can do all sorts of things with it such as overclocking and modding. The first thing that we like to mod and is easiest to mod is your case. Modding can be very painful if you are new to it so manufacturers like Lian Li and RaidMAX have introduced pre-modded cases. These are can be of any material such as steel or aluminum. They can have pre-modded windows on the side for a little show off at LAN parties. The list goes on and on but that is not what we are here for today. We will be looking at case that is solid aluminum and is very eye-catching. It is sure to please everyone at a LAN party.

Raidmax Scorpio-668 Features

Raidmax Scorpio-668 Specifications

Like we said before, this case is one good looking. It is made out of solid aluminum for better heat absorption. This case comes with a very nice looking side window for showing off at LAN parties. There is a little bit of red color in the front, which makes it look exceptionally nice. We have not seen very many cases with red color in the front. We can already see the features of this case just by looking at it. There are no pointy edges anywhere in the case. Everything fits very nicely and perfectly. There are no misalignments or anything like that. There is a front door, which opens up very nicely. This is where you will be installing your CD, DVD, & Floppy drives. Giving this case a door is a very nice touch that we really appreciate because it makes the case to look very best and you people don’t get to see your multi-colored drives. Underneath the door there are couple of USB ports in the front for easy access. This case is very nicely and solidly build and it is very easy to carry because of the size and weight so you can easily take it to LAN parties.

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