Date: 08-19-03
Author: Gundeep
Category: Reviews/Cases
Product: Sunbeam Acrylic Case
Manufacturer: Sunbeam
Price: ~$94.99

Sunbeam is known for their modding gadgets. They certainly have some really awesome looking things like case fans, cases, lights and other fun stuff. CrazyPC was kind enough to send us Sunbeam’s Acrylic Case. Everyone nowadays wants a cool looking case that they can show off. Well, Sunbeam acrylic case is certainly a piece of art. Let’s see what sets this case apart from the rest of them.

Packaging was very nicely done by Sunbeam. As you can see above, everything was compressed in a 5" think box. Once we opened the brown box, everything was neatly secured between two Styrofoam plates. Every single acrylic part was wrapped in a Styrofoam sheet to prevent them from scratching. The reason why this case was not pre-assembled is because of the fact that acrylic cases are so delicate that they will easily fall apart during the shipping process.


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