Date: 01-13-04
Category: Reviews/Cooling
Author: Gundeep Hora
Manufacturer: Thermaltake

Heatsinks are an essential part of a system for enthusiasts. It is hard to choose the right one when you have so many options available to you. There are many companies that have taken air-cooling to the next level. Thermaltake is one of those companies that come into mind when discussing heatsinks. They have extensive line of processor coolers to choose from. Today we will be taking a look at the Extreme Volcano 12 HSF that claims good performance and overclocking enhancements. Let’s see how the Extreme Volcano 12 HSF competes with few of the best heatsinks we have gathered.


There were two fan controllers, one thermal sensor, one installation guide, necessary screws, and a small pouch of thermal paste.

Thermaltake has always included matching fan controllers with every one of their latest heatsinks and the Extreme Volcano 12 was no different. Small bracket controller is made out steel with the knob in the center and Thermaltake’s logo on the right. Second controller that installs in a 3.5” drive bay is built out of aluminum with the knob in the center and Thermaltake’s logo on the knob. The aluminum controller is finely finished and uses the color silver to add to its beauty.

All screws were included to properly install the heatsink and the controllers. Thermal sensor and the compound were added to closely measure and control temperatures. The manual, as always, was easy to understand and follow.




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