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AMD to introduce low-powered Athlon64 2700+ Mobile processor
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Date: 04-07-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: CPU
Manufacturer: AMD

AMD to introduce low-powered Athlon64 2700+ Mobile processor

AMD is currently leading the desktop processor market without a doubt with it's 64-bit processors. Intel Prescott is not as successful as analysts thought it would be. One of the major concerns is the heat productivity of the processor. Now in the Mobile market, Intel's Centrino chipset and Pentium M Mobile processor are performance beasts. The Pentium M Mobile processor from Intel outperforms the normal Pentium 4 Mobile processor while operating at lower clock speeds. Not to mention it improves the battery life because of less power consumption. AMD's Mobile processors are targeted towards a rather specifc crowd - High-End and Ultra-Portable. What's AMD doing about this?

AMD is set to release a new Mobile processor based on AMD's new 64-bit Mobile architecture, according to a document accidently publised on AMD's website. The 2700+ is a low-end Athlon64 based Mobile processor, which consumes less power to compete with Intel's Centrino chipset and the Pentium M processor.

The other models - 2800+, 3000+, and 3200+ are rated to operate at 65W while the 2700+ is rated to operate at 35W. The Pentium M processor models - 1.5Ghz, 1.6Ghz, and 1.7Ghz are set to operate at 24.5W. The AMD 2700+ budget Mobile processor still consumes more power than the Centrino platform, which uses Intel's Pentium M chips. Another big difference between the rest of Athlon64 Mobile processors from AMD and the 2700+ budget level Mobile processor is the amount of L2 cache. The 2700+ processor has 512KB cache while the rest of the models house 1MB cache. The 2700+ is clocked at 1.6Ghz; the same clock speed as the 2800+, which has 1MB L2 cache.

AMD hopes to increase it's shares in the affordable Mobile market. How's does the performance of the 2700+ compare to the Intel Pentium M processors? It's yet to be seen. AMD did not comment on the report at press time.


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