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Intel to wait before unleashing 64-bit Prescott
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Date: 04-04-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: CPU
Manufacturer: Intel

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) released it's 64-bit processors last September at Computex 2003. The 64-bit processor technology is rather new to the general consumer/enthusiast desktop enviornment but the future of computing is here. The 64-bit processors are a great rebound for AMD especially when taking AMD's financial position in mind for almost a year and a half. While the overclocking capabilities of the chip has been reduced, the performance definitely makes up for it.

Intel will not jump on the 64-bit enthusiast computing idea as of right now, according to our sources. Even though there isn't a launch date set for Intel's 64-bit Prescott processors, our sources confirm that it will be available around the middle of 2004. Intel wants to work with the industry to ready the OS and the drivers for 64-bit general consumer/enthusiast level computing.

According to our sources, Intel feels the need for 64-bit computing in the desktop enviornment but they don't want to do experiments with the consumers at this point. The current 64-bit technology from Intel is being used for high-end databases and transactions. Intel is currently focusing on their Itanium processors, which are designed for high-end, enterprise level tasks, sources claim.

As far as AMD hurting Intel in the enthusiast market with it's 64-bit chips, Intel is not commenting on it. We have been requested to wait until Intel's Q1 revenue report to make further implications about Intel's profit and loss against AMD.

Apparently, Intel is determined to work with the industry first and is in no hurry to enable the 64-bit capability of it's Prescott processors.


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