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AMD to launch 32-bit chips for K8 motherboards
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Date: 04-27-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: CPU
Manufacturer: AMD

Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) 64-bit processors are the next generation processors. AMD is currently leading the market with its high-end chips. As we reported earlier, Intel is not planning to launch its 64-bit Prescott processors until the software makers are up to the par.

AMD is now planning to launch a 32-bit processor codenamed Athlon XP Paris, according to a report by DigitTimes. The Athlon XP Paris CPU will belong to the AMD64 family, but will not carry a 64-bit instruction set.

This processor will strictly be targeted towards the budget conscious users with its 754-pin count. The pin count has been increased for compatibility reasons with the current 754 lower-end Athon64 processors.

The Athlon XP Paris will use the K8 architecture like the rest of the AMD64 family and will also carry 256KB L2 cache. AMD is hoping to slowly discontinue the Athlon XP socket 462/A chips soon, claims DigiTimes sources.

VIA confirmed to DigiTimes that the company has not started to produce seperate chipsets for the Athlon XP Paris chip as AMD has not revealed any details on the processor.

It will be interesting to see where the new Athlon XP Paris will stand in the market. The current Athlon XP Barton core processors use 512KB L2 cache.

AMD is planning to introduce the new chip by the Q3 of this year.


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