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AMD beats Intel in Spring Desktop sales
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Date: 05-03-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: CPU
Manufacturer: AMD ; Intel

Spring is an amazing time for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) according to a research conducted by a California based research firm Current Analysis. In this Spring, AMD sold more desktop based microprocessor than its rival and world's chip giant, Intel Corp. The week in question is April 24 when Current Analysis conducted the research.

According to Toni Duboise, analyst who conducted the research, reported that this is the first time AMD has managed to surpass Intel with the desktop microprocessor sales. Analysts have only been following the AMD and Intel sales reports for few quarters.

This research shows how AMD has been gaining momentum in the consumer market, reported Duboise. The research also reported that AMD has not only gained revenue in the lower-end market with its Athlon XP market but also with it's high-end based desktop personal computers that include the company's latest 64-bit chips.

While AMD is crowned as the April 24 week winner in the desktop segment, Intel Corporation was awarded in the notebook segment. Current Analysis' research showed 81% notebook sales from the 61% laptop sales noted in the week 24 featured Intel processors.

HP deserves a lot of credit, according to the research conducted by the California based research firm. HP introduced three new models that were based on AMD chips, which helped AMD won the final crown. HP is starting to sell more AMD based personal computers, according to Duboise. HP is one AMD's major clients in the Enterprise segment with its Opetron demand and now in the desktop market as well.

Intel is still the number one leader in the desktop as well as notebook areas of the market, according to Mercury Research.

AMD, however, will not be able to hold on to its crown as the Intel's upcoming Grantsdale and Alderwood chipsets are on the horizon. These new chipsets will feature PCI Express, DDR2, and WAP technologies to enhance the performance significantly.


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