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AMD 64-bit facility on role
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Date: 05-17-04
Author: Saud Hakim
Category: CPU
Manufacturer: AMD
Customers, Partners, And German Government Officials Joined AMD at Topping-Off Ceremony for World’s First Purpose-Built 64-Bit X86 300 Millimeter (mm) Manufacturing Facility today.

AMD Fab 36, AMD's next-generation 300 millimeter (mm) manufacturing facility in Dresden, Germany will play an important role in furthering AMD’s leadership in world class manufacturing capabilities and will help ensure that AMD has the capacity required to meet customers needs for pervasive 64-bit computing solutions powered by AMD64 technology according to AMD Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Hector Ruiz.

The first significant phase of AMD Fab 36 has been completed successfully and the project is on schedule. The plant's first 300 mm silicon test wafers are scheduled for mid-2005 & the first production shipments are expected in the first half of 2006.

The plant will employ approximately 1,000 workers by 2007. AMD expects to invest approximately $2.5 billion through 2007 in AMD Fab 36.Adjacently construction of dedicated 24 megawatt energy center has also begun.

AMD Fab 36 will be powered by the third-generation of AMD’s Automated Precision Manufacturing (APM 3.0) on completion. APM is a suite of more than 250 AMD-patented or patent-pending fab automation technologies that form the foundation of the company’s manufacturing strength and will enable AMD to aggressively compete in product performance and maximize yields while minimize per-wafer cost.

Here is another first for AMD after 64bit processors for home users.


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