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Plextor Premium-U External CD-RW Drive
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Date: 06-03-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: Storage
Manufacturer: Plextor

Plextor is one of the leading companies in the optical storage market. They have been leading the market with their innovative products for a long time. Plextor specializes in top quality CD-R, CD-RW, DVD Rom, CD Rom, and DVD-RW drives. Plextor produces many external and internal models to suit just about everyone. The company's drives uses specialized software to gain incredible performance gains.

It seems that the CD-RW technology is coming to an end in the drives. There is not much competition at this point in the market among manufacturers of these drives. However, there are still new models coming out quite often with added or improved features to prevent the market from dying. It is amazing how the prices have fallen on the internal CD-RW drives but the external models are still not affordable for many.

Today we will be taking a look at Plextor's Premium-U, which is an external product at a premium price. How does this particular CD-RW drive performs? Read on and find out...


The Premium-U comes with plethora of accessories. They include: PlexTools Software, 52X Blank CD-R Media, Power Adapter and Power Cord, USB 2.0 Cable, Quick Reference Guide, and a detailed Drive Guide.

The installation and reference guides are easy to understand and follow. They feature troubleshooting, features and other specifications of the drive. As this is an external drive, a power adapter is needed to power the unit.

PlexTools is a proprietary software designed by Plextor. This particular software contains information about the drive. The user can also enable or disable almost all the features of the Premium-U. This software is the way to fully optimize the performance by enabling such features as "Speed Read" and disable features that are not needed. The software was completely stable throughout our testing and seemed to contain only a few bugs such as slow loading and sometimes unresponsiveness. Overall, we are really impressed with the software and the amount of effort Plextor has put into the software, however, we would still like Plextor to release a patch that would eliminate the above stated bugs.


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