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Gateway announces budget level servers
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Date: 05-04-04
Author: Gundeep Hora
Category: IT Computing
Manufacturer: Gateway

Gateway has added two new server models to the company's server line. These servers are mainly targeted towards the government offices and small businesses.

The 9115 and 9120 mid-end servers feature the Intel Pentium 4 processor or the Celeron processors with the height of 1.75" as rackmount options. The servers start at $499.99, according to Gateway.

Gateway earns most of its revenue from educational, small businesses, and government organizations. Gateway has been a hit in the affordable desktop market for budget conscious consumers and now it's trying to enter the server market with a rather stronghold.

The 9115 server is priced at $899 and comes with the Pentium 4 processors, 80GB SATA Hard Disk Drive and Integrated Gigabit.

The 9120 server starts at $499 and comes with a Celeron chip. According to Gateway, the hardware is less than $100.00 than other competing products. The final may vary according to the options the consumer is interested in.

Above stated price only consists of the hardware and not the server level software that is needed. For the 9115, Windows Server 2003 server will cost $799 and another $369 for other needed application.

The final price with the latest Windows server applications and the OS might end up costing the 9115 model as much as $1,199.

The servers are expected to ship in two to three weeks, according to Gateway. It seems as though Linux OS for the servers would be a better choice in this particular scenario.


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